GReeting Cards

I am pleased to be able to offer greeting cards featuring  a selection of my image portfolio.

The cards measure 5” x 7” with the front side displaying a full color bordered image and is blank inside.  
The reverse side of the card tells a story about the image.  
Sometimes it gives historical  information on the site, while other times it tells a story about how the image was taken.
The card comes with a white envelope, a 4” x 6” piece of white blank paper (to write a message on),
and finally is packaged in a transparent cello wrap envelope.

Dozens of styles are currently available.
Single cards can be purchased for $5.00 each, or 5 cards for $20.00
Packs of 24 cards are available for $75.00.

For more information on this product, and to see a complete listing of available cards including the associated stories, please click  here.  
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